Dienstag, 1. Juni 2010

What is it?


Yes, it is a watch!

No, it’s not a Rolex – but it’s still one of the “all-time favorites”. But which one?

This watch has it’s roots in 1942, has been upgraded in 1952 - when it got it’s very popular name and never changed it’s characteristic appearance since then.

What’s that on the back… by the way?

2 Kommentare:

  1. Ich glaube, dass diese Uhr bei den marinierten Piloten sehr beliebt ist, nicht wahr?
    Gruß Werner

  2. Lighthouse Joe,

    at first I thought it is a Tutima but the so-called Fliegerchronograph was built in 1941 so it can't be it since you date it back to 1942. Which brand is it then?